Amneal Cashel Switch To Compostables

Zero Waste Cashel is delighted to announce that Amneal Pharmaceuticals is the latest business in Cashel to switch to using compostable coffee cups. Through their catering company Baxter Storey and packaging firm Zeus Packaging the company has ceased using disposable non-recyclable, non-compostable coffee cups. It is estimated that 200 million of these non recyclable cups are disposed of nationwide each year in Ireland. Compostable cups should be placed into the brown bin for organic waste. Amneal have a good waste segregation system in place to ensure the cups end up in the right bin for compostables.

Amneal Cashel Switch To Compostables

John O’Dwyer (Amneal Ireland), Margaret Brady (Zeus), Damian Mullally & Muirearra Behan (Baxter Storey Catering), Derry O’Donnell (Zero Waste Cashel)

Amneal have been supportive of the Zero Waste Cashel project and will continue to use their reusable delf and cutlery and will soon be holding a recycling workshop for employees through the VOICE Recycling Ambassador Programme. They have also recently donated some used plastic barrels for use by the Cashel Men’s Shed to make compost tumblers.

While compostable cups are better than the normal plastic lined non-recyclable cups, the better option to eliminate waste is to use reusable cups. Better infrastructure needs to be put in place for collection of compostable cups and takeaway containers such as on street compost bins for people buying from cafes and takeaways. A public awareness campaign is also required to educate people to use compost bins for compostable materials. Zero Waste Cashel will continue to promote reusable cups as a first preference for takeaway teas and coffees. Many cafes in Cashel currently offer discount when you bring your own cup, be sure to ask!


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