Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat launched to assist lone fisherman on an 18ft lake boat aground by the Goat Road

At 1.20pm on Tuesday May 1, Lough Derg RNLI launched following a request by Valentia Coast Guard to assist a fisherman in an 18ft lake boat reported aground by the Goat Road on the north eastern shore of Lough Derg.
Winds were south-southeasterly, Force 4/5. Visibility was good, but with mist and frequent rain squalls.
The Lifeboat, with helm Owen Cavanagh, Ger Egan and Keith Brennan on board, arrived at the Goat Road 1.36pm, but there was no evidence of the casulty vessel. The lifeboat searched the area and located the fisherman in his boat at ‘Russell Cabin’, north of the Goat Road.
As the lakeboat was aground in a particularly rocky and shallow area, the lifeboat dropped anchor and veered back to the location. An RNLI volunteer waded in to the lake boat and found the fisherman to be safe and unharmed and wearing his lifejacket.
The RNLI volunteer and the fisherman bailed the water taken in over the gunwales of the lakeboat. They eased the vessel off the rocks and out to the lifeboat, where it was taken under tow to Skehana. The lakeboat was tied safely alongside at 2.56pm
The lifeboat returned to station and the lifeboat was ready for service again at 3.35pm
Liam Maloney, Volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager advises boat users to ‘check the conditions before going afloat and make sure your vessel is able for the conditions forecast.’

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