Spirit Of Excellence At Irish Restaurant Awards Cocktail Competition 2018

The Irish Restaurant Awards 2018 live cocktail competition, sponsored by Absolut Lime, took place today, Monday 23rd of April, in the Dublin Bar Academy, 141 North King Street, Arran Quay, Dublin 7.


The themes of this year’s live cocktail competition was ‘This is Ireland’, which saw entrants create an original cocktail using Absolut Lime, that does not already exist on their cocktail menu. It was required that the original cocktail contain (max) two shots (7cl) of alcohol per portion. Included in the maximum two shots of alcohol, there was a limit of (max) one shot (35.5ml) of Absolut Lime.


Entrants were asked to consider how they approached their ingredients, vessels, tools, service and drinking experience when making their original cocktail. Using Absolut Vodka Lime, they were asked to construct a beverage that is fresh and vibrant, with flavours that are light and intriguing by considering the below elements that they believe encompass the theme, ‘This is Ireland’.


  • Irish culture
  • Famous Irish myths and legends
  • Irish Music
  • Irish Art, Design and Literature
  • Unique Irish landscapes
  • Unique Irish cuisine


Competitors fully embraced the theme, taking inspiration from not only Irish poetry and heritage but also from their own personal family histories in Ireland. The cocktail creations were presented in a range of unique dishes and glassware, including teacups and teapots and often were embellished with an assortment of wild Irish flowers, organic berries and even the famously Irish Tayto crisps.


Judging Parameters

Today’s judges marked each individual cocktail according to taste, presentation/appearance and aroma, along with the technical expertise of the bartender themself.


Entrants competed in heats of 3-4 bartenders at a time. Each heat was given two minutes to set-up, where technical judging was already in effect. The competitor then had a maximum of six  minutes to make two portions of his/her cocktail.


The overall winner of the ‘Best Cocktail Experience’ award will be announced on Monday, 14th May at the All Ireland Irish Restaurant Awards 2018.

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