Do Not Drink Notice Lifed For Fethard Water Supply Scheme

Irish Water is pleased to confirm that the Do Not Drink notice which has been in place for the Fethard Water Supply Scheme has now been lifted with immediate effect following the completion of clean up works at the treatment plant and extensive flushing and testing of the network.

The 12,000 customers supplied by this scheme in South Tipperary can now resume normal use of their water for drinking, cooking and other activities.

The restriction was placed on the scheme following a third party fuel spill in the River Anner on the weekend of March 3-4. This restriction has been lifted in consultation with the HSE following a period of clear samples showing that the water is now safe to drink.

Duane O’Brien, Water Operations Lead for Tipperary, commented: “We are pleased to confirm that the drinking restriction in place for the Fethard Water Treatment Scheme for the past four weeks has now been removed.

“Immediately on becoming aware of the kerosene spill on the River Anner upstream of the intake to the Fethard water treatment plant, we took action to protect public health. Due to the nature of this contamination it was necessary to carry out a deep clean of the treatment plant followed by flushing of the network to ensure that all potential contaminants were removed. While the treatment plant was shut down, we worked with our contractors and Tipperary County Council to redirect water around the network so we could maintain a supply for cleaning and general sanitary purposes.

“Following the completion of an intensive cleaning programme and resumption of production at the water treatment plant in the past weeks, we have been liaising with the HSE to carry out testing across the water supply network to ensure that the water is safe to drink and that there is no risk to human health.

“We would like to thank the public in the Fethard area for their patience and co-operation as we worked to restore their water supply following this incident which was outside the control of Irish Water. We are also grateful to Tipperary County Council, the plant operator, our contractors, suppliers and all the other agencies who worked with us to restore this supply and to provide alternative supplies of water while the restriction was in place.”

Should customers have any concerns or queries about their water supply, they should contact Irish Water’s 24/7 customer care line at 1850 278 278.

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