Birdhill Businessman Voices Support For Governments Project Ireland 2040 Plan

A leading industry figure – McHale Plant Sales director, Michael McHale – has written to Government praising them for the priority which has been given to infrastructural investment and development in the recently published ‘Project Ireland 2040’ national planning framework plan.

Stressing that good infrastructure is ‘a hallmark of a successful, modern economy’, McHale said ‘money spent in this area brings a return on investment greater than any other in terms of the direct and indirect employment it generates. Moreover, it has an additional impact in attracting job-creating manufacturing projects, house building, schools, retail and other amenities in its wake’.

Urging that Government would ‘action as many projects as possible’ within the early years of the Project Ireland 2040 plan, McHale cautioned that ‘only by demonstrating its resolve in this regard can we gain the benefits that might reasonably be expected and allay any concern that the objectives of the plan are anything but sincere’.

Active in drawing attention to such topics, McHale recently made a submission to Government arguing in support of the need to upgrade the N20 Limerick – Cork roadway to motorway status – a project embodied in the 2040 plan.

Other industry causes that the Birdhill-based businessman and his company have championed include an appeal to the SEAI to have Accelerated Capital Allowances provisions applied across the board to all who invest in modern, eco-friendly hybrid excavators. Another related to the fostering of apprenticeship schemes within the industry and a campaign to urge buyers of used plant to choose machinery bearing the official CE mark confirming its compliance with relevant EU regulations.

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