Agri Aware Ttakes To The Stage At Electric Picnic!

Agri Aware Ireland’s agri-food educational body made its very first music festival appearance at Electric Picnic last weekend (September 2nd and 3rd) ! Agri Aware’s exhibit which was in the Global Green Ecolvillage was unmissable with it’s traditional red hayshed as a centre piece home to host of activities to help visitors learn about the Common Agricultural Policy. The exhibit also boasted a “farm stage” which hosted the infamous Tipperary due the 2 Johnnies performing as the 2 farmers. Throughout the weekend, visitors also had an opportunity to try their hand at traditional butter churning and making pine cone crowns, hand milking, apple pressing and a workshop with Joe from Riot Rye teaching visitors about his story and the history and art of making sourdough.
Agri Aware Ttakes To The Stage At Electric Picnic!

Pictured at the Agri Aware big red shed at Electric Picnic are “the 2 Johnnies” with a host of Loais ladies who came along to hear more about farming and food at the Agri Aware exhibit.

Agri Aware’s red shed at Electric Picnic is part of a communication campaign entitled ‘My land, your land – Ireland’ being delivered by Agri Aware, Irelands independent agri-food educational body. The campaign co-financed by the European Commission aims to communicate the many benefits of the CAP to the general public and farmers, across Ireland. Agri Aware’s exhibit demonstrated that CAP delivers a secure supply of safe, quality and traceable food that is affordable for consumers. In addition to producing this food under the highest standards, CAP also ensures sustainable management of our natural resources, our waterways, promotes biodiversity and aids in the development of our rural areas.

‘My land, your land – Ireland’ encompasses a year-long programme of interactive communication initiatives and events, including advertisements in newspapers, cinemas and on national television, radio and a campaign in Dublin Airport. It also includes a series of ‘CAPtivate Sunday Series’ events in Family Farm, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo. Agri Aware delivered an interactive exhibit at Electric Picnic to engage the 52,000 odd visitors in the CAP, with the support of Agri Aware’s patrons (leading agri-businesses in Ireland).
Agri Aware’s Executive Director, Deirdre O’Shea said ” Being at events such as Electric Picnic, is vital in bringing Agri Aware’s key mission statement to a new audience. We are teaching many festival goers who are not from a farming background about farming, where their food comes from and it helps us get the message out to the general public about role of CAP in creating sustainability, biodiversity and development of rural areas, and allows us to effectively engage with a huge number of people from across urban and rural Ireland as well as international visitors to the festival”
This innovative and original and communication campaign is co-financed by the EU Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development and was awarded to Agri Aware following a competitive bidding process. The campaign is also supported by the IFA, in addition to Agri Aware’s other patrons.

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