Promoting The Rock Of Cashel And Ireland’s Ancient East In Britain

Tourism Ireland has teamed up with Expedia, to promote Ireland’s Ancient East to British travellers for autumn and winter breaks. The campaign is targeting Expedia customers who’re part of our ‘culturally curious’ audience in Britain. It will run until mid-September and incudes online ads on the Expedia website and a homepage ‘takeover’ – all linking to a special Ireland’s Ancient East webpage featuring inspirational ideas and travel deals. The ads feature a great image of the Rock of Cashel.


Julie Wakley, Tourism Ireland’s Deputy Head of Britain, said: “We are delighted to partner with Expedia. Our aim is to highlight Ireland’s Ancient East and drive bookings to this part of Ireland for the autumn and winter months.

Promoting The Rock Of Cashel And Ireland’s Ancient East In Britain

Promoting the Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary

“Great Britain is a vital market for tourism to the island of Ireland. It delivers 47% of all overseas visitors and around 30% of all overseas tourism revenue. However, the decline in the value of sterling is certainly a challenge for Irish tourism from Britain right now, which means that competitiveness and the value for money message are more important than ever. Tourism Ireland is placing a greater focus on our ‘culturally curious’ audience, who are less impacted by currency fluctuations. We are also undertaking an expanded programme with key partners, like this campaign with Expedia, communicating a strong price-led message.”

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