Nissan X-Trail Is Filmakers’ Friend For Belfast Power Of Video Conference

The Nissan X-Trail helped world famous content creators and filmmakers showcase the Irish coastline at a prestigious conference in Belfast.

The Speed Motion team were loaned two Nissan X-Trails by Charles Hurst Nissan at Boucher Road, Belfast, for them and their VIP guests to explore Northern Ireland as part of the Power of Video Conference.

Nissan X-Trail Is Filmakers' Friend For Belfast Power Of Video Conference

Billy May (far left) and Damien Gallagher (far right) from Speed Motion Films team and Alan Thompson and Pete Molloy in the centre. Picture courtesy of Ronan O’Dornan

Speed Motion created the conference as a chance to invite Vloggers, YouTubers and social media creators from around the world to Belfast, to gather and share information and ideas about filmmaking and the future of video in social media and advertising.

The Speed Motion team took the sign-written X-Trails out and about, filming the car in action in some of the most stunning areas of the country — with 6K RED cameras and drones — and some snapshots of the conference as well.

Alan Thompson, General Manager at Charles Hurst Nissan, said: “We were delighted to be able to present the team from Speed Motion with these cars for the four weeks during Power of Video. They clearly had quite an adventure and the video they produced is absolutely stunning.”

Billy May, one of the Creative Directors at Speed Motion, said: “We’d like to thank Charles Hurst for loaning us the X-Trails. They were perfect for our trip, allowing us to get off-road and explore, and providing all the room we needed for our camera kit and drones. The conference was a fantastic experience, and having these cars just added an extra special touch.”

To find out more about the Nissan X-Trail and the rest of the range, visit Charles Hurst Nissan on Boucher Road, Belfast, or call the team on 028 9038 3527.

To find out more about the Power of Video Conference, visit and to see the video Speed Motion produced, visit

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