Disappointment at Council’s rejection of Thurles to Clonmel Greenway motions

thurles clonmel greenway


The Tipperary Greenway Campaign Group has expressed it’s disappointment at the reaction by Tipperary County Council to motions put forward by Councillors Jim Ryan and Pat English.

A statement from the campaign group said:-

“Naturally, we are very disappointed by Tipperary County Council’s decision not to explore the potential of the Thurles to Clonmel greenway more, however, we are resolute that this greenway would bring many economic and social benefits to South Tipperary and the Thurles district in terms of a significant boost to tourism, and in addition, will also provide a safe environment for people and their families to exercise and explore the beautiful Tipperary countryside. For these factors, we will persevere with our campaign as we believe it to be a very worthy one.

From speaking to various people around the county and beyond on a daily basis it is perfectly clear that the vast majority share our vision. So far we have obtained over a thousand petition signatures and support and volunteers for our group are also ever increasing. Additionally, many businesses along the towns of the route are very much in favour on this greenway becoming a reality.

We would encourage Tipperary County Council to explore all options in this regard such as doing it on a phase by phase basis. Additionally, we would also encourage the council to explore all options in terms of seeking national or EU funding and also the route logistics and to not just focus merely on following the exact line itself wholly. Undoubtedly, using the line is one solution due to the width and flat nature of the track itself but it doesn’t have to be the only solution.”


The Tipperary Greenway Campaign Group is currently collecting petition signatures to show the huge support there is for the project.

You can follow the groups campaign via the Facebook Page www.facebook.com/tipperarygreenways

A greenway is traffic-free trail for active modes of transport, particularly walking and cycling – but also for wheelchair users, skaters, rollerbladers etc. To view a map of existing and proposed Greenways in Ireland visit www.irishgreenways.com

Ireland has committed to reducing car-based commuting from 65% to 45% by 2020 through the promotion of sustainable transport, including walking and cycling. 10% of all trips are targeted to be by bicycle by 2020 (a four-fold increase on 2011). One important method of promoting walking and cycling is the construction of safe and attractive routes, such as greenways. Read more here

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