A Better Quality Of Life Is Attracting Top Talent To The Mid-West

A better quality of life, career opportunities, shorter commutes, less traffic, and lower property prices and living costs – these are the main reasons why highly-skilled professionals say they have made the move to the Mid-West.

The Mid-West Relocation Survey, which is being launched in Limerick this morning (July 6), reveals that the Mid-West is fast becoming a destination of choice for top talent.

The survey was carried out by National Recruitment & HR Services Group Collins McNicholas, in conjunction with Limerick Chamber. Collins McNicholas opened a Limerick office to service the Mid-West region in February of this year.

More than 93% of those surveyed said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their relocation.  Almost three-quarters (72%) say they now have a better balance between their working and home lives.

Some 70% now have a quicker commute to work since relocating to the Mid-West – with nine out of ten people having a commute that is less than 40 minutes. Some 61% now have a commute of less than 20 minutes.

Interestingly while 45% of those who moved back were originally from the Mid-West region, some 42% relocated from outside of Ireland.

When asked about the factors which influenced their move to the Mid-West, 88% cited a better quality of life while two-thirds referenced a reduced cost of living. The other main reasons given were: lower property prices, less traffic, career opportunities, beautiful scenery and a safer environment.

Among the survey’s other key findings were:

  •      74% did not find it difficult to find work in the Mid-West
  •      The Mid-West attracts highly-skilled professionals with 96% holding a third-level qualification
  •      42% of those hold Post Grads with another having PhDs or doctorates
  •      Those relocated have a range of experience with 48% having 0-5 years experience with 22% having between 11-20 years experience
  •      Almost 40% are employed in the ICT sector in Mid-West
  •      89% would recommend relocating to the Mid-West

The survey was launched at an event at The Strand Hotel in Limerick this morning at 7.30am with speakers including Padraic White, Chairman of Collins McNicholas and former Managing Director of the IDA; Dr James Ring, CEO Limerick Chamber; Niall O’Callaghan, IDA Business & Relationship Manager, Mid-West Region and Dr Pat Daly, Director of Economic Development at Limerick City & County Council.

David Fitzgibbon, Collins McNicholas, Mid-West Regional Manager, said:

“There are many factors for this movement of talent towards the Mid-West including a dramatic increase in the jobs market over the last number of years as well as an employment rate that is below the national average.

“The reasons we carried out this survey were to provide an insight into why an increasing number of highly-skilled professionals are relocating to the region and to discover how satisfied they are with life here. The findings clearly show that the Mid-West region is delivering on all fronts —from career opportunities to a positive lifestyle.”

Dr James Ring, CEO of Limerick Chamber said that outside of Dublin, Limerick has the highest disposable income per capita in the country.

The cost of living —as well as the cost of property— in Limerick is lower than all of the country’s four cities. The result of this, combined with career options, means that outside of Dublin, Limerick has the highest disposable income per capita in the country. This survey proves what we already knew —that Limerick is an attractive place in which to find that work-life balance.”

Niall O’Callaghan, IDA Mid-West Business & Relationship Development Manager, said:

“The Mid-West Region is the fastest growing region nationally for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and is fast becoming a destination of choice for top talent. The availability of talent –‑ both graduates and experienced professionals — is one of the key factors for a multinational when considering a location to do business in. This survey demonstrates why you can have the ‘City job, Country life’ in the Mid-West.”

Dr Pat Daly, Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Economic Development, Limerick City & County Council, said:

“Limerick and the entire Mid-West is now one of the fastest growing investment and development locations in Ireland. Limerick City, the capital of the Mid-West, is at the heart of this positive change and is enjoying an unprecedented period of growth supported by a very active public/private sector partnership. This work is guided by Limerick Economic and Spatial Strategy 2030, which sets out an innovative programme to deliver a total of 12,000 jobs by 2030.”


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