Good Weather Forecast Brings Driving Dangers – AA

With the mercury set to rise for the weekend the AA is warning drivers that hot summer weather can cause problems for cars. AA Rescue is expecting an increase in breakdowns caused by over heating or tyre issues, and more seriously there are road safety concerns.

“Hot weather can make life hard for a driver.” Says Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan. “Harsh sunlight and glare can make it difficult to see vulnerable road users. We know that a weekend like this will see lots of kids out and about, cyclists taking to the roads and a general increase in traffic volumes. It all adds to the danger so the advice is to slow down and expect the unexpected.”

AA Roadwatch is expecting heavy traffic this weekend to locations like parks, mountain walks and beaches. Drivers are advised to allow a bit more time and to expect crowds.

The hot weather causes road temperatures to increase, and can also affect car tyres.

“If tyres are in poor condition then this sort of weather will find them out.” Says Faughnan. “We know we will be dealing with more punctures and blow-outs. That’s ok, we can fix them. The bigger worry is drivers having accidents so please check that your tyres are in good order and properly inflated.”

Collisions due to glare on windscreens are also quite common. It is important to ensure both the inside and outside of the windscreen are properly cleaned. Checking that you have plenty of water for your windscreen wipers and washer fluid are also essential as dead insects or dust from roads may make their way on to windscreens, causing visibility issues. Remember to keep a pair of sunglasses handy too.

Sunshine is also a significant factor in driver fatigue, especially if motorists are driving long distances or feeling tired. Keep well hydrated and if necessary, drink two cups of coffee and have a short nap of about 20 minutes, which can help counteract fatigue.

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