Indians On Their Way ‘Home’ To RDS Dublin

The Indians are coming ‘home’ to Dublin next month — with modern takes of some American classics to be unveiled by a company named for the Irishman who designed two of the most iconic motorbikes ever made.

Franklin Motorcycles is the first company to be granted dealership rights in the Republic of Ireland for the world famous Indian Motorcycles. The company is named after Charles Bayly Franklin, the Dublin engineer who more than 100 years ago created the original Indian Scout and Indian Chief bikes of the roaring 1920s.


The modern incarnations of both those legendary bikes will be on display at the Carole Nash Irish Motorbike & Scooter Show at the RDS in Dublin from March 3rd-5th.

Charles Bayly Franklin’s love affair with Indians began on the race track. He was a talented racer and was part of the American manufacturer’s team that won first, second and third places in the 1911 Isle of Mann TT, claiming second place for himself. Franklin joined Indian as an engineer and designer in 1917, and created racing bikes which cleaned up on tracks around the world before moving on to developing road bikes for everyday customers. This culminated in the production of the original Indian Scout and Indian Chief – with both bikes considered among the greatest built bikes of their time.

Motorcycles at RDS Dublin

Motorcycles at RDS Dublin

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