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Devilsbit Macra na Feirme tackles stigma on Mental Health  

On Thurday 16th February, Devilsbit Macra na Feirme, in conjunction with Cara O Mahony of the Macra Rural Youth Committee hosted a “Mental Health Talk with a Difference” in Racket Hall.The night was opened by a talk from Emmet Middleton who spoke frankly and honestly about mental health. It was inspiring to hear about his journey and about his positive outlook on mental health. Emmet instilled in us all the importance of how we deal with things in our life and that we can always, despite how difficult and challenging this can be at time, take a positive from every situation. Thank you so much to Emmet for talking to us.

Devilsbit Macra na FeirmeThis was followed by a screening of “Pligrim” (2013). This film dealt with an isolated rural farmer who suffered many stressed in life. This hard hitting and heart breaking film resonated with everyone at the screening, as there were issues and stresses in the film that at some point, everyone goes through.

After the screening, Martina Leamy from Pieta House spoke. She discussed mental health can affect anybody and it can stem from any kind of stress or trauma. She really made it clear that it doesn’t have to be a huge life changing trauma that can affect your mental health, but actually it can stem from any kind of stress. She also reminded us to look out for not only ourselves but for our friends and neighbours too. It doesn’t take a lot to ask, “Hey, are you ok?”.

Pieta House is a fantastic facility where people can avail of fully qualified psychotherapists and counsellors. You do not need a GP referral to speak to Pieta House either. If you’re feeling a little low and stressed and struggling to shake that feeling, give Pieta House a call. There services are free of charge and Martina stressed to us that no matter what the issue is, they can find somebody appropriate who can talk to you and help.

This event was so important, not only for our club members, but for our wilder local rural area. It was a great success and we all left with an open mind and a positive attitude towards mental health. Many thanks to all who attended, club members, North Tipp Macra, neighbouring macra clubs & the general public. Sincere thanks to all involved.

To summarise the night, “It’s ok not to be ok, but it is NOT ok to do it alone”.

(See Picture 1 attached. Caption: Members of Devilsbit Macra na Feirme at a “Mental Health Talk with a Difference” in Racket Hall, pictured with Cara O Mahony of the Macra’s Rural Youth Committee)

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