Why Join Macra Na Feirme

By Nora Ryan(North Tipperary Macra PRO)
Macra is apart of every Irish community and offers so much for its thousands of members all across the country.
Macra has done so much for its members, through encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone and try something completely different, aswel as gaining confidence and making lifelong friendships along the way.
There are 6 key aspects to Macra: Agriculture, Sport, Travel, Performing Arts, Community involvement and drama there is something for everyone. And with a full calendar of events and festivals dotted around the country every weekend there is a hectic social life.
Macra allows it’s members to learn different skills from the Leadership Programme and Skillnet’s, which offers agricultural training courses for young farmers.
If you are aged 17-35 you should join Macra today and see what we can offer you. You will be surprised by the welcome and fun that you are garenteed to have!
There are 5 clubs in North Tipperary that offer something unique to their members.  Ballinahinch/Killoscully, Clodagh, Devilsbit, Nenagh and Newport Macra are among the top clubs in the country and  have a range of different events planned each month.
For more information on Macra, check out our website www.Macra.ie or like our Facebook page North Tipp Macra for more information on joining us! We’d love to see you in the New Year.

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