Business Invitation – Midwest Business Network Visitor’s Day 18th Nov 2016

After a hugely successful first year, Midwest Business Network is inviting the Tipperary and surrounding business community to attend its meetings and join its organisation. Midwest Business Network is a next generation of ‘Shop Local’ campaigns. The highly publicised ‘Shop Local’ campaigns throughout the country in recent years have greatly assisted local economies through encouraging shoppers to spend in their community rather than elsewhere. This has helped job creation in the community.

Though successful, Shop Local has focused on consumers with a spending power to create local jobs. Midwest Business Network encourages businesses to take the initiative by maintaining and enhancing employment levels in the region. It focuses on the creation of spending power of its members’ workforce so that they in turn have the income to spend locally. In effect, it completes the circle initiated by the ‘Shop Local’ campaigns.



Midwest Business Network Visitor’s Day 18th Nov 2016


Members of Midwest Business Network, extend and share their own client bases to members within the organisation. This creates marketing and business opportunities through a whole raft of recommendations and business referrals. It enables pro-active development of employment creation within the local economy and as a consequence, it provides money in the pocket of employees who become the consumers with the ability to spend locally.

The current membership of Midwest Business Network is formed from a diverse mix of professions and trades, such as, solicitors, planning consultants, archaeologists, steel fabricators, plumbers, IT consultants, hoteliers, photographers, tile and kitchen suppliers, management consultants, financial brokers, phone services, windows and door suppliers, security systems and manual handling. Weekly meetings take place every Friday morning from 7.15 and 8.30am at the Venue in Dundrum House Hotel. Business owners within the Tipperary region are welcome to attend and discover how they (and their employees) may benefit from membership. Tea and coffee is served within an engaging environment. Members provide presentations on their business models along with regular open-table discussions on topical business issues. For further enquires, contact Niall at

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