Banks are making up to 40 children a month homeless – you can help put a stop to this!

Around 20 families each month become homeless just because their buy-to-let landlord has been forced to sell up by their bank.
And there are thousands more families at risk*. Families can find themselves evicted from their homes even though they are completely up-to-date with their rent and have years left to run on their tenancy agreement.


We think this is wrong. And it can be changed.

Focus Ireland is calling for a change in the law so that tenants living in ‘buy-to-let’ properties are protected. So people who have a running tenancy could not be evicted just because the bank or landlord wants to sell their home from under them.

To read more about the campaign and to take action please click here


*  According to the Central Bank, in June 2016 there were 14,828 buy-to-let mortgage in arrears of over 720 days, which is more than one-in-every-ten buy-to-let mortgages

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