With the Leaving Cert Results out tomorrow, USI Issues Advice on Next Steps for Young People

With the Leaving Certificate results due tomorrow, this Wednesday, and CAO Round One offers due on the 22nd August, the Union of Students in Ireland is advising students across the country who wish to progress to third level education on the next steps to take.

“The first thing we would like to say to students who have just done their leaving cert is congratulations.” Annie Hoey, USI President, said. “It’s probably the toughest exam most people will do in their life and it spans across so many diverse subjects, both optional and obligatory. It’s important to bear in mind that when you go to college, you’ll most likely be studying in a field you’re interested in and better at. Overall leaving cert points don’t reflect your ability in one area.”

CAO Round Two offers are issued on the 31st August and USI is reminding students that if they don’t get their first choice, to wait and see what they get in the second round.

USI President, Annie Hoey, said that receiving the Leaving Cert results and CAO offers are two of the most exciting and stressful days young people can experience because five or six years of studying and hard work leads to one day. Hoey said students should get plenty of sleep the night before to help reduce anxiety levels. USI said that there is plenty of help available for students who didn’t get the points for their preferred course choice. Young people should talk to career guidance counsellors if they feel disappointed.  Services like Childline are also available 24/7 on 1800 666 666.

On the 22nd August the first round of CAO offers will be sent out to young people across Ireland. USI is urging young people to reflect on their decision before accepting the offer as they may get a second choice in the second round offer on the 31st August.  Hoey said anyone feeling confused or worried about their choices should get in contact with the College’s Students’ Union or access office. In terms of finding and securing student accommodation, USI said if students are set on a certain college, they should ring the accommodation office ASAP so they have a place to stay during their studies. Further ‘digs’ accommodation is available on homes.usi.ie.

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