Tipperary start-ups invited to apply for share of €1.5m funding

€15,000 financial support available for innovative business start-ups in the south east*

€1.5m in Enterprise Ireland funding has been secured for 55 early-stage entrepreneurs over the next five years in Tipperary through New Frontiers programme at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Wrapsies Ltd  from Clonmel, Co Tipperary were among those who received support for the New Frontiers Programme at the ArcLabs innovation hub in Waterford which is now taking applications until 25 August 2016 from entrepreneurs and innovative business start-ups.

New Frontiers Programme Manager at Waterford Institute of Technology, Eugene Crehan explains who the programme is for. “The New Frontiers programme is designed to help people who have already passed the idea stage, and are serious about ‘concept development’. The time commitment for Phase 1 is one evening per week, starting from Tuesday, 6 September 2016. The application process is online, so people can apply easily.”

In recent years the programme has appealed to those in the medical devices and broad technology areas.

“Over the next five years we hope to support another 250 entrepreneurs on Phase 1 of our programme with about 20% making it through to the second phase and access to EI funding every year. Those who get onto Phase 2 are on the programme two days per week for six months and get funding of €15,000 each. The programme is run by the WIT School of Business from ArcLabs, the innovation hub based at WIT’s West Campus, Carriganore.”

One of the former New Frontiers participants Denise Dawson, Wrapsies Ltd, Clonmel:

“My experience on the course has without doubt enabled me to steer Wrapsies towards growth and focus on exporting. While also providing the necessary supports, funding and mentoring. Spending time with other entrepreneurs was also an exhilarating experience and great friendships were formed. Start-ups need focus in the early years to clearly define if the business model is workable and in a position to scale. The weekly workshops were knowledge builders and helped me gather the detail needed to complete the business roadmap and business plan.”

Denise offers advice to entrepreneurs considering the New Frontiers Programme: “If you have a start-up idea, then New Frontiers is the perfect Programme to attend. You will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs, with different ideas but the business principles are the same. There is a real air of positivity amongst the participants. The programme co-ordinator and workshop providers are very supportive and always happy to help. My advice is to participate and engage in the programme as much as possible and volunteer to present your idea when the opportunity arises.”


One of the trends programme organisers have noticed is that it’s less common to see applicants who are pursuing a new future following redundancy. “People now have a choice of quality jobs open to them. Therefore, those applying to New Frontiers tend to be people who have significant domain experience and are considering leaving a job to pursue a business idea.”

Crehan adds that the programme may be of interest in future years to people who would like to move back to the south east from Dublin or overseas, or to people who are attracted to the lifestyle the south east has to offer. “People can get in touch now with the view to applying for the Phase 1 in 2017, giving them plenty of time to plan a move from Dublin, for example.”

Phase 1 of the New Frontiers Programme will commence in Waterford at ArcLabs, the innovation hub based on WIT’s West Campus in September 2016 on a part-time basis, with Phase 2 commencing in December 2016. For more information and to make an application seewww.wit.ie/newfrontiershttps://www.wit.ie/schools/business/new_frontiers

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