Hundreds waiting 3 years for orthodontic treatment in North Tipperary – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has slammed the HSE for its lack of progress in reducing the extraordinary waiting times for orthodontic and dental treatment being endured by Tipperary residents. Deputy McGrath was speaking it was confirmed to him through a Parliamentary Question that there are currently 382 patients awaiting orthodontic treatment in the North Tipperary area with an average waiting time for treatment of 3 years:

“When I investigated this matter in 2013 I was told by the HSE that it had commissioned an independent review of orthodontic services and that the final actions of the review of orthodontic services were being completed.

I again pursued this matter in 2014 and again within the last fortnight.

It is absolutely incredible therefore that in the intervening years nothing has changed with respect to reducing the absurdity of these waiting times.

I am told that only two Orthodontists currently serve the North Tipperary area one of which has 370 patients currently under treatment while the other has 345 patients currently under treatment.

While I asked for the numbers pertaining to both North and South Tipperary only the lists for North Tipperary have been provided to me so far.

We can guess with some certainty however that the figures for the South of the county are going to be equally miserable.

In 2014 I found out that there were 829 people having to wait between 13 – 24 months for orthodontic treatment within the county  and 1056 people waiting anything between 2 – 3 years.

It hardly seems possible to hope that any great improvement has been made on those numbers.

I will be pressing the Minister for Health and the HSE to immediately escalate the recruitment of Orthodontists for Tipperary given the obvious scandal that these numbers represent,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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