CIF Encourages A Future In Construction For Students

“The construction industry is recovering strongly and is worth more than €14 billion to the Irish economy. So there are plenty of high quality careers in the sector, stated Tom Parlon, Director General of the CIF.  In fact, applications for construction related courses have been on the rise for the past number of years, reflecting that the industry is once again open for business.

“Currently, construction is the highest provider of jobs in Ireland.  We’re hiring at a rate of about 1,000 jobs a month.   There has been a 50% increase in the number of architectural roles available this year for example. Salaries are on the increase too.  A graduate civil engineer can expect a salary of around €28,000. This will rise to up to €50,000 with 6-9 years’ experience. A junior quantity surveyor is looking at a salary in the region of €35,000 and that will rise to €50,000 with 10 years’ experience.

“A young person can start in a construction course or an apprenticeship, and within a couple of years be on course to managing highly complex projects in Ireland, Dubai, and across Africa in Irish construction companies competing globally. Irish companies are building specialist buildings, infrastructure and homes across the globe.   The skills gained while working in a trade in Ireland are globally transferable.  A huge amount our members have the expertise and are building fantastic buildings and infrastructure in the UK, across the EU, Africa and the Far East.


“Here at home, the Irish economic recovery goes hand in hand with a high demand for new construction projects. High-end residential units, commercial offices, and healthcare labs are the most dynamic areas we’re seeing a rise in at the moment. These companies are increasingly seeking people in managerial, communications, finance and operations.  We’re building the future economy of Ireland and our world-class construction skills are a major draw for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies looking for new locations. For example, a new data centre for facebook is being built by Irish construction companies in Meath, and Bristol- Myers Squibb are constructing a new state-of-the-art, large-scale biologics manufacturing facility in Dublin. Thanks to this top-class construction, the new plant will produce multiple life-saving therapies for the company’s global market.


For students who are looking for alternative options to the traditional CAO route, the CIF offers another solution. We have recently launched a new website for apprentices looking for construction opportunities.  Simply upload your CV to the site and you will be matched with potential employers who are looking to hire.  You can also search through the opportunities that are currently available to suit your needs. The CIF are currently engaging with Solas to upskill trainees and get them out on sites as quickly as possible.”

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