“Dream NEW” Scholarship

The newly created “Dream NEW” Scholarship supports students who are ready to realise their dreams. Altogether, 8 scholarships with a total value of 60,000 € will be awarded. The European Funding Guide is looking for adventurous and open-minded students to apply for the Scholarships.  . These scholarships enable students to study for one semester at any one of eight world-class universities in New Zealand – a country known for its excellent forward-thinking education system, breathtaking landscapes and open-minded people. More details about the scholarship programme can be found here: http://www.european-funding-guide.eu/scholarship/dream-new-scholarship

With the multi-award winning scholarship portal www.european-funding-guide.eu, students and doctoral candidates as well can search among 12,320 fund listings (total value: 27 billion €/year)  additional scholarships. european-funding-guide.eu shows that scholarships are not only available for those who are exceptionally talented, dedicated, or in need. Often, students aren’t even aware of the majority of scholarships on offer (for instance, scholarships where the recipient must be born in the same town as the donor). To match up more students with appropriate scholarships, each user at European-funding-guide.eu is automatically shown only the scholarships and international scholarships that match their curriculum vitae. In addition, the portal features advises on financing your studies and templates for scholarship applications.

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