St Joseph’s College Borrisoleigh UCC Science Trip – Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry

By Rachel O’Gorman
On Wednesday the 20th of April our science teacher brought Joseph O’Donoghue, Oisín Stapleton, David Delaney and I to UCC for the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry. When we first arrived at UCC we were greeted and then we were brought to have our picture taken. Next we were brought to a lab to start our first experiment called ‘Murder comes to Salterstown’. This was the Salters’ Competition and we had to work in pairs to figure out who was the main suspect in the murder.

We used chromatography to determine who used the same type of ink and white powder as the real suspect. When we were finished we went back into the convention room and had our lunch. Our next experiment was the University Challenge. For this experiment we had to create an endothermic reaction. To do this we used water, citric acid and sodium hydrogen chloride. We all did this as a team and recorded the temperature on the computer with a special thermometer. We eventually got the temperature down to 10.5 degrees celsius.

After that was the prizegiving. Each school got fun prizes such as pens and snap bracelets as well as a certificate for each student. Sadly we didn’t win any prizes but we had a great day. Then there was a chemistry magic show. We learned a lot from the day and loved every minute of it.
A big thanks to Miss Gorey for taking us.

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