Deep levels of worry about jobs and housing prospects among Tipperary students

Annual Student Attitudes Index finds deep levels of worry about jobs and housing prospects in Tipperary
– 2nd Annual survey based on 2,000 responses
– Survey reveals fears over financial security, buying a home, getting a job and emigration
– Tipperary students’ college choices influenced by costs
– Snapchat replaces Facebook as most popular social tool
– There is serious dislike of our politicians
– Most students are happy with their looks
– Role models Conor McGregor, Bill Gates, Barack Obama for boys, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Emma Watson for girls
Ireland’s young students are anxious about their future prospects and concerned they will be unable to remain in their home counties or purchase a home when they do finally land their first jobs. Most expect to emigrate at some point in their lives, according to a major new survey.
The country’s young students are, as expected, heavy social media users but this is having a serious impact on their schoolwork. The biggest stresses on their mental health are school and exam pressures and the unforgiving points race. is Ireland’s largest study website, used by 57,031 registered secondary school student users and 23,000 registered secondary school teacher users. It’s second annual Student Attitudes Index explored a range of national topics and day to day issues experienced by secondary school students.
The key findings from 2,000 complete responses are:
● 52 pc of students say it is unlikely or highly unlikely that they will be able to purchase a house in their home county when they begin working.
● 34pc of Tipperary students felt that Dublin is not a viable college option
● 50 pc of students say it is unlikely or highly unlikely that they will end up working in their home county when they finish their education.
● 75 pc of Tipperary students say the cost of rent will influence wherever in Ireland they choose to go to college/university, compared to 47pc nationally.
● 76pc have used a smart phone to study
● 56pc of students say their school work has been affected by social media use
● Snapchat has replaced Facebook as the social media tool of choice with 90pc of those surveyed using it
● 56 pc think it ‘likely’ they will emigrate at some point in their lives
The 2016 Student Attitudes Index focused on finances, job prospects, emigration, housing, social media and phones. It also asked about bullying as well as attitudes towards politics and role models.
The 2016 Studyclix Student Attitudes Index has broken down answers by region, gender and class year of student.
Speaking about the results in Tipperary, Studyclix Co-Founder Luke Saunders said:
“It’s clear that in counties away from the major universities and ITs, like Tipperary that the cost of living and in particular rent, is affecting their college choices.“
Speaking about the results in general, Co-Founder Luke Saunders said:
“I think one of the lasting effects of the recession and our current property crisis is that Irish second level students are much more aware of the difficulties awaiting them when they go to college.“Affordability is becoming an ever more important factor when selecting where to go to college. 47% of those surveyed stated that the cost of rent would influence where they would to college.“
This trend was also repeated when it came to purchasing a house with 52% of students stating that it was unlikely that they would be able to purchase a house in their own county once they begin working.
“I was not at all surprised to see that 76% of students report using their smartphone to study. In the last three years we have seen a rapid increase in the proportion of our users studying on using mobile devices.“On the other hand it’s important to note that 56% of students stated that their studies have been affected by their social media use. As a teacher myself I would regularly advise my students to try confine their social media use and messaging to study breaks only.
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