Annacarty Remembers – History Re-enacted June 10th 2016

In the spring of 1922, there was joy in the village of Annacarty as the truce had been signed and the barracks handed over to the volunteers.

The children of Annacarty N.S. were marched up the hill to the barracks by the principal Mr. Slattery and they sang “Amhran Na bhfiann” for the volunteers as they raised the tri-colour.

The people of Annacarty rejoiced as The War of Independence was finally over.

Alas, just a few months later the pro treaty soldiers were under siege at the barracks from the anti-treaty soldiers and on May 2nd, 1922 they surrendered.

On that day, the barracks fell, the flag that was proudly raised was gone and the barracks destroyed.  The dreams of peace that the people longed for evaporated as Civil War broke out across the land.

On Friday 10th June next at 11.00 a.m. the Irish Army are going to return to present the people of Annacarty with its flag.  Together with the children of Annacarty N.S. they will walk in the footsteps of the volunteers and again raise our national flag at the barracks, and as they did in 1922, the children will sing Amhran Na bhfiann as the flag is raised.

Annacarty remembers.

Annacarty remembers

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