Anger at “New Court” for Families in Danger of Eviction

The Hub-Ireland, a community group working at the coal-face of the mortgage distress problem, has condemned the lack of solutions for distressed mortgage-holders in the new draft Program for Government.

The draft program states that a new court will be set up to handle mortgage arrears cases. However, The Hub-Ireland has called for an immediate moratorium on all arrears cases being processed through the courts, and instead, for debt write-down to affordable levels to be offered to all mortgage-holders in distress.

Their call is supported by politicians such as John McGuinness of Fianna Fáil, who recently called for unequivocal debt write-down for mortgage-holders, in order to end the “torture” they are experiencing. Recently, Fine Gael elder statesman, Alan Dukes, called for a similar write-down while speaking on The Marian Finucane Show.

The Hub-Ireland has expressed concern and disappointment that the needs of families under threat of being made homeless by their mortgage-companies, are being ignored by the incoming government.

the hub ireland” Since September 2015 to the beginning of this month The Hub – Ireland has seen over 2500 families through its doors, that is 78 families per week on average, we loose track of the amount of phone calls per day, the phones start ringing at 9:30 and stop when we turn the phone off at 5:30. Most if not all are living on the breadline, paying the Mortgage Companies every last cent they can and heeding the words of the Money Lenders: stop paying your credit card, your Credit Union and your Sky TV, cut down on your weekly shop: most out of shear fear do as their Masters say: does it stop the Eviction Court, does it slowdown the Eviction Court; the simple answer is no., ” said Hub-Ireland spokesperson, Mr Byron Jenkins, today.

Distressed mortgage-holders have been contacting The Hub-Ireland today expressing alarm and anger, that notwithstanding any “new court”, they will still end up being evicted from their homes, and that such a “new court” is not a solution for their acute difficulties, but may actually be a way of expediting their evictions through the legal system.

The group have recently launched a campaign to have the controversial Land and Conveyancing (Reform) Act 2013 repealed and has also called for an immediate moratorium on family home evictions click here to read more.

The Hub-Ireland invites anyone in distress due to mortgage debt to contact them on 01 534 9118, or email Visit The Hub Ireland Website

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