The politics of perpetual protest will only lead to paralysis – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has strongly challenged the unwillingness of political parties and groupings within the Dáil to engage in a more pragmatic and constructive manner ahead of the formation of a new government. Deputy McGrath went on to support the proposal of Independent TD Denis Naughten who has advocated for a consensus around the principle of a Political Partnership Agreement akin to the 1980’s Social Partnership Agreement which resolved the crisis in industrial relations which was besetting the country at that time:

“While each elected member has a duty to honour the mandate they have been given by the people, we should not at the same time use that duty as a means to pirouette on our principles for the sake of personal political advantage.

There is a clear sense emerging over the last number of weeks that some elected representatives simply do not want to honour the obligation entrusted on them to provide a fair and reasonable method of delivering effective governance for our people.

It is my own sense that the people will not forgive those who refused to compromise or reach agreement where compromise or agreement is possible.

Hiding behind the rhetoric of an entrenched political idealism is not going to provide anything but political paralysis and the deepening of the many crises’ that face us in health, housing and personal finance.

It is time for the posturing to end and for those with the courage and the political will to step up and prioritise the national interest over a narrowly conceived party interest that will do not nothing but further erode confidence in the ability of politics to deliver meaningful change to ordinary peoples lives,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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