Real Republicans Know There’s An Easter Every Year

Tipperary Sinn Féin’s annual Easter commemorations have again been held to remember those who have gone before us in the on-going struggle to establish a Republic.

PRO Fachtna Roe said: “With traditional Republican parades and commemorations in all parts of the country being over-shadowed by the one-off interest of the Irish State, it’s a little humbling to see a new generation of Tipperary Republicans stepping up and continuing the traditions in the county.”

The Tipperary Republican community is fortunate to have a resource as impressive as the young people in the Carrick-on-Suir Republican Flute Band, who lead each commemoration march. They provide the music and create a rhythmically throbbing atmosphere for each event.”

On Sunday the band marched through their home-town and didn’t miss a step or a beat even when the weather turned cold and stinging hailstones were flung from the sky. On Monday they basked in the Spring sun and filled the town of Golden with a stirring marching beat. On both occasions, parents and supporters alike were filled with pride, hope, and optimism.”

Cllr Martin Browne added, “We commemorated Tipperary’s signatory to the Proclamation, Tomás MacDonagh in Golden. We had the honour of having Sinn Féin Seanad candidate Cllr Máire Devine as the main speaker, who reminded us that the Irish State does not yet live up to the ideals of our Republican predecessors from 1916. Our numbers continue to grow, as more citizens realise that the job is not yet done. By reference to the past, these commemorations remind us of the challenges ahead.”

I hope that because of the renewed interest in the events of 100 years ago, that more citizens will realise that they have been duped, and that they don’t actually live in a Republic at all. They live in something which is described as a Republic. Over the next few years I hope the public at large will show enough interest to join as at these events, to learn a little of the truth of our history, and to understand why Republicanism has such an abiding and unshakeable support amongst Republican families, including my own.”

Cllr David Doran added, “We presented Máire with a camogie stick made here in Tipperary, a symbol of our common heritage that unites us across the island. It is part of our heritage also to strive for an equal and free island, a real Republic of the Irish that doesn’t just pay lip-service to the ideals of 1916.”

We also had volunteers here who read the roll of honour of fallen Republicans. There have been so many over the last 100 years who have given great service – and also had to give their lives – in the pursuit of an ideal.”

Even the British who executed the 1916 leaders respectfully acknowledged that these men went to their death with great honour and dignity. That alone showed them not to be ordinary people, but ordinary people who stepped up to become warriors. The 26-county state has a long way to go before it can claim the ideal those people lived and died for has been achieved. A parade every 50 years does not do justice to their courage.”

Cllr David Dunne added, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, for Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter alike is part of our dream for all. We had the honour of having Kathleen Funchion TD with us in Carrick on Sunday, who reminded us that no one can look at our island or at the Irish State today and claim all has been achieved. It hasn’t.”

We gathered today to honour those who went before us and that we did in style. The young people in the band, the young people who gathered to watch, and the young people who performed interpretative dance on the bridge in Golden, are all part of our future. We best honour our past by working towards that better future together.”

The Easter Sunday experience, honouring volunteers such as Butler, Torpey, and O’Hanlon who are buried in Carrick, was a great one for the young people in the band. Going through adversity together – and that weather was pretty adverse – as a team is great for team- and character-building. Experiences together are what makes a team, and it’s only as a team that Tipperary Republicans can do their bit to bring about a fair society for all.”

PRO Fachtna Roe said, “The next major commemoration in Tipperary will be in Clonmel in May, to acknowledge the painful sacrifice 35 years ago of Republican hunger strikers in a very, very difficult time in Ireland’s history. The Carrick-on-Suir band will again lead the commemorative march, being organised by Clonmel Sinn Féin. While we hope that the weather is good, it’s been shown that that doesn’t really matter to Republicans. When others have given their lives, it’s the least we can do.”

In particular, I hope every citizen remembers that the volunteers being commemorated died by one of the slowest means possible. They did this in furtherance of their ideal society, a Republic, and to see their land freed from outside domination. Even today, in 2016 some of the more offensive commentators in the media speak of the sacrifice of Republicans as being unnecessary. What those people don’t do, is stop to think whether there is anything they would die for in such a manner. I doubt that very, very much.”

But if there is, it behoves them based on that parallel to then recognise the strength of the love and desire that Republicans have for the ideal of a free, just and equitable society.”

Every citizen has a duty to stop and consider that. While RTE broadcasts it’s propaganda, and the ‘Independent’ newspapers never miss an opportunity to spout hatred of Republicans and Republicanism, they fail to acknowledge that even they can only do their daily business as a result of the sacrifice of others. There is an inherent hypocrisy in their reportage, even as they claim the 26 counties are a Republic, which legally they are are not.”

I advise anyone who is irate when hearing those conservative types speak to phone, write, and by any means ask: “What would you die slowly for?” Courage and commitment takes many forms, and we should be slow to criticise that of others unless we can do the same.”

TD Kathleen Funchion said, “Easter is an important time for Republicans, and that’s every Easter. The mainstream media seem to have only realised lately that a rising took place at all. The establishment supported the execution of the signatories in 1916, believing that this would quench the ideal before it could be born.”

They were wrong, because you cannot kill an ideal. And you cannot defeat a people bound by principle and acting in solidarity. 100 years on, the Republic has not been achieved. With huge inequality in our country, this next generation of Republicans will work hard to achieve the ideals of 1916.”

Cllr Máire Devine said, “The ideals of the proclamation, guaranteeing religious and civil liberty, championing equal rights and equal opportunities for all citizens irrespective of creed, colour or gender, and cherishing all the children of the nation equally, enshrine Sinn Féin’s core values. In this centenary year, I wish I could say that all these ideals have been achieved – that Ireland is now a better place. I wish I could tell you, that we now have the Republic dreamed of by MacDonagh, Pearse, Markievicz. I cannot, nor can anyone, state that.”

But Republicans can rightfully state that they haven’t, nor will they ever, stop working for that Republic to be made real.”

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