Fogarty Thanks Fianna Fáil Delegates

Thurles man Gerard Fogarty has said following the recent Co-Option Convention to fill Jackie Cahill’s Council seat, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the delegates of the Republican Party who supported me and voted for me, and particularly my family and friends who came to support me. Considering the tight deadline, I am delighted that over 250 members were given the opportunity to decide who they wanted on the Council.

“I was honoured to have been nominated to fill the seat. I let my name forward as I wanted the opportunity to return to public life and continue the work that I did on Thurles Town Council to support businesses and community groups, and promote efforts to give Thurles a more vibrant future for its young people.
“The Government’s strategy is failing Thurles. According to CSO figures youth unemployment has hardly changed since the last election, and too many students are graduating for export. After meeting people all across Tipperary while campaigning over the past few months, it’s devastating to see little investment or confidence across the county since the last election.
“I am happy with the support that I received at the convention; it is a difficult place to start off having just my own vote on my street, and having another great candidate nearby in my own Cumann. It was a very short campaign, with 2 days notice, I didn’t get time to speak to a lot of delegates, but it was a great insight and I am grateful to talk to so many of them from all across the area.
“Sean Ryan and Pat Hayes are two excellent members of the party, and contributors to our proud community. It was an honour to be on the same ballot paper as them, and to be friends with them for some time.
“Sean has taken the seat that he deserved to fill following the tragic death of the great Harry Ryan in 2006, and again in Election 2009. Moycarkey has had its voice returned. The phenomenally strong vote that he received from the far corners of the electoral district are testament to the qualities that only he could offer.
“I know that he will be a great Councillor, and I look forward to working with him. I’m sure that he will have no problem filling the big shoes that Jackie has left and continue his hard work.
“The Eamonn and Sinead deValera Cumann Thurles is in a progressively stronger position, having two members of National Executive, a hardworking County Council Cathaoirleach, and it’s first TD since before the County was last united. Fianna Fáil now have a very have a strong, fresh team in Thurles and will work hard to deliver investment, and better politics for our communities.
“At 27, I’ve no decision made as to my future in public life. Following the General Election”, he concluded, “my focuses can now return to continuing my work on the Fianna Fáil National Executive, my various voluntary work, solicitor training, and our family business.”

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