Support for any Government strictly conditional on red line issues – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has clarified reports that he is willing to support a joint party government after the election. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he was asked by Tipp FM Radio if he would consider supporting such an arrangement after February 26th:

“I made it very clear in my statement that my support for any government will be strictly conditional on what I consider to be non-negotiable red line issues.

Support for any Government strictly conditional on red line issues - McGrathIt must be said prior to all of this however that I am not taking anything for granted and am only too aware of the extent of the challenge that is before me in terms of getting elected this time round.

That being said if the people of Tipperary decide to elect me they can be assured that I will under no circumstances compromise my core principles or policies.

Primary among these is my commitment in seeking a debt amnesty for distressed mortgage holders coupled with a complete cessation of family home repossessions and evictions. I will not be moved on that issue.

Nor I will be moved on my opposition to Irish Water which is operating out of a fundamentally flawed model. I have always been very clear on that.

I also want to make it explicitly clear that I will in no way support any government’s efforts to repeal the Eighth Amendment which gives constitutional protection to the right to life of the unborn child and the mother. That is a red line issue that will not be up for debate regardless of who is the majority party after the election.

The question asked of me was if I was open for business and as an Independent TD, I replied that I am open for business and am willing to support any Government if and only if, it is in the best interests of the people that I represent.

My support for any government would have to be based on a solid agreement around the many issues that I have been vocal on over the last number of years such as reversal of cuts to the most vulnerable, investment in Rural Ireland’s towns and villages, and meaningful democratic and judicial reforms.  

Without such agreement I would not be in a position to support any government regardless of which Parties go on to form it.

I am open for business but only if I believe that it will be of benefit to the people that I represent,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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