Morris says future of Tipperary water resources under threat

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has said that the future of Tipperary’s water resources and the protection of our ground water for future generations has is now in question. He was speaking on the issue ahead of the mass mobilization on Saturday by Right2Water Ireland.

Cllr Morris said: “The Irish Water scam threatens the future of all water users in Tipperary. Uisce Éireann PLC will see water bills rise for all water users over the coming years especially from 2018 when the water meters which pose a risk to health will be switched on.”

“Some figures that I have seen indicate that in 2018 bills will more than double for domestic registered users while those with private wells will eventually have to connect to the Irish Water system when pipes are laid in their particular area. Charges on septic tanks are another area of huge concern.”

“The Irish Water PLC contract contains many underling issues such as future storm water charges for public sewage users but privatisation is defiantly on the cards under EU competition law. The Civil Debt Procedures Bill 2015, due to come into effect shortly after the general election, poses a real threat not only to those perceived to be customers of Irish Water PLC but to all of our household interactions with business.”

“It is Tipperary’s asset, the ground water itself that is most threatened by the Irish Water PLC scam. I applaud all of the people in Tipperary who have contributed to the national campaign to secure the moral and Human Right to water for future generations. We need real water services and support in Tipperary not the situation we saw over the Christmas where flood support and response from Irish Water was dismal.”

“We must protect our asset, protect our ground water from theft and privatization but also from pollution and contamination which is rampant in Tipperary. I will be calling on Tipperary County Council to systematically test our water in a geographically sensible manner. They must also fulfil commitments around ensuring that those responsible for contamination from industrial projects and dumps are held to account for ground water contamination.”

“Sinn Féin are the only national party in Tipperary that stands firm for a constitutional recognition of everyone’s human right to water regardless of their financial ability. We are the only party that can be trusted to abolish Irish Water and to abolish water charges. As your TD I will carry our fight for our water and our water services forward to the Dáil on behalf of everyone in Tipperary society.”

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