Morris rebukes Aherlow House Hotel receiver as couples lose deposits

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has hit out strongly at the receiver of Aherlow House Hotel, and their hands-off policy on deposits and payments made by couples for celebrations to be held there in the future. The receiver is Grant Thornton.

Morris rebukes Aherlow House Hotel receiver as couples lose depositsCllr Morris said: “A number of young couples have been in contact with me. They paid their deposits to Aherlow House Hotel in good faith for their wedding celebrations to be held there. Very few of us fail to understand that any money available to young couples is very hard come-by, and that it represents an investment in their future that they can not afford to lose.”

However, upon learning that Aherlow House was going into receivership they made contact again with the hotel and receiver, to be told their payments were not in the possession of the hotel, would not be returned, were in the possession of the hotel operator – who leased the business – and that the receivers Grant Thornton were not willing to take responsibility for their return.”

Those deposits and payments were an asset of the hotel. Why then would the receiver – if they were doing their job correctly – would Grant Thornton not be willing to access them? It’s unacceptable to let the dreams of these couples fall between the cracks like this. The total amount in question is about 70,000, which is a significant asset. When that’s divided between the approximately 20 couples involved, that’s 3,500 each. Young couples can’t afford to lose that kind of money for anything, not least when it’s loss is tied to disruption of their special day.

Sinn Féin won’t stand by while young people are treated this way. We will consider all options, including a protest at the hotel. We are concerned also with the jobs of the workers in the hotel, of which there are about 100. Grant Thornton must show a social conscience, and not just process this receivership in the interests of the banks.”

Grant Thornton must now take full ownership of this problem. I’ll be in contact with their Limerick office shortly to register my unhappiness with their handling of this, and to seek a solution.”

Most of the couples affected are based in South Tipperary, and my colleague and fellow Sinn Féin team-member Cllr Martin Browne has been monitoring the story.”

Cllr Martin Browne added: “We expect that the new owner/operator of the Hotel will both look after the staff by continuing to employ them, and the couples booked in to have their marriage celebrations there. If the couples cannot be accommodated there, then every assistance should be given to find alternative venues. Some of that has been done already.”

The Hotel is a significant employer in the area, and it must be re-opened as a going concern. The staff are essential to this, and must be looked after.”

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