Morris Highly Critical Of Tom Hayes Vandalism And Damage To Trees

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has hit out at the
manner in which posters from Tom Hayes have been nailed to trees around Clonmel. He says
such disregard for natural life from supporters of the outgoing Minister is
particularly disappointing as the Minister has has special responsibility for Forestry, and
because some of the trees are ash.

Morris Highly Critical Of Tom Hayes Vandalism And Damage To Trees

Election posters on Clonmel-Cahir Road

Cllr Morris said: “Nailing election posters to trees is a regressive development in a modern
election. Most of us have moved beyond thinking of trees as unimportant and near-inanimate
objects. We have moved to understanding that trees provide more than just visual amenity.
They clean the air, provide the oxygen we breathe, and are a key component in maintaining a
healthy environment.”

“We have come to accept and care for the natural environment and show regard for trees in
particular. It was therefore a major surprise –and disappointment – to learn that so many
trees have been vandalised in this way. Hammering nails into trees stopped being acceptable
decades ago.”

“Some of the trees are ash, an essential species for a hurling county, and a species that is
already under threat from the Ash Die back which has spread across Europe and is already in
Ireland. That’s a fungus that spreads and kills the trees over time. It does this by
damaging the layer of bark that transports nutrients to the rest of the tree.That’s also the
layer that is most compromised by the hammering in of nails, such as Mr Hayes has done.
There are 3 nails in many of the trees, and therefore 3 sites for infection.”

“I expect of Tom Hayes that he will now publicly take responsibility the removal of these
posters, and for the cost of an inspection,health-check, and treatment of the dozens of
trees involved by a qualified arborist. He must take responsibility for these acts
ofvandalism, and for putting this right. There is also at least one tree near Kilsheelan
bearing a nailed-on poster of Jackie Cahill, and I expect him to take the same

“It may sound a little like a ‘hippy’ philosophy to have concern for trees as living
creatures, but they are – no matter how it sounds –and we depend on them. The Irish people
have for millennia had special respect for trees. Now there’s about a dozen trees on
the Cahir road out of Clonmel that have been abused this way and have been harmed.”

“As we as a people have come to a better understanding of the complexities of our
environment, and the importance of all the species in it, this is a sad regression. It could
be that Mr Hayes membership of a party that has shown itself immune to consideration of the
well-being of their fellow man has made him immune to such considerations for all other
living things.”

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