Fitzgibbon wants a New Tipperary

Since the beginning of the week Gearoid Fitzgibbon has been travelling Tipperary in his campaign van, spreading the message of local energy, better politics, and better services that he hopes will see him elected on Friday. “Tipperary” said Gearoid “is referred to as the Premier County. This goes back to Thomas Davis, Editor of The Nation newspaper in the 1840s. It was a tribute to the spirit of national feeling in Tipperary”. According to Gearóid, Davis also said “where Tipperary leads, Ireland follows”: “I believe now is the time for the people of Tipperary to lead once again.”
Fitzgibbon wants a New Tipperary

Gearóid with some family supporters looking across to Ballina during a break from the canvass last Sunday.

Over the past three weeks Fitzgibbon, who entered the political arena less than a year ago upon joining The Green Party, has been campaigning on a number of key themes.

On agriculture, Fitzgibbon says the government’s strategy on increasing output doesn’t make sense if 28% of single farm payment recipients are aged 65 or older, while only 5pc are aged 35 or under. “Successive governments have failed to attract young people. This is not surprising when prices for milk and beef are at an all time low. We need to ensure farmers who produce quality food are paid adequately.”
Fitzgibbon has also spoken out about poor planning “this was brought home by the closure of Super Valu in Clonmel and the continuing hemorrhaging of small business on the streets of all of Tipperary’s towns.”
A key campaign theme has been “the failure of our existing political leaders to grasp the economic opportunities available in localising Tipperary’s energy through use of locally produced fuels, encouragement of community owned solar, and schemes for improved insulation of older houses. €300 million euros leaves county Tipperary each year to buy imported fuel and energy. With the political will, Tipperary can become the most energy self-sufficient county in Ireland. This is a win-win, for farmers, business-people and ordinary citizens in Tipperary, and for the planet as a whole.” Again, said Fitzgibbon, “this should be a case of Tipperary leading and Ireland following”.
The final theme is the need to have systematic political change, so that the rewards for politicians who run expensive constituency offices, in terms of doing “favours”, perceived or real, for people in return for votes, are removed. “My pledge to donate 35% of my TD’s salary to the citizens information service has grabbed the public imagination” he said. “The Dail is in session little enough” said Fitzgibbon, “yet the attendance record of one of the poll-topping Tipperary TD’s is a mere 20%. I got the opportunity during the debate to ask this same person if he would stand for one his own employees turning up for work only one day a week. Our system rewards this sort of behaviour, but the country suffers as a consequence. It is time for Tipperary to lead by saying this is no longer acceptable. We want Tipperary to change and Ireland to follow”.  In his efforts to spread this message – Fitzgibbon has even recorded a campaign song called “New Tipperary”. this can be viewed on Youtube at

“We’ve done our best for the campaign. Now I’m asking anyone who supports these and other themes, call, text, email or message your friends and colleagues, and ask them to give me their vote.” More info is available on the facebook page and campaign   or by calling 0838109522.


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