Fitzgibbon asks Voters to reflect on Leadership

Ahead of the campaign launch on February 11th, Tipperary Greens election candidate Gearóid Fitzgibbon, says that the 2016 election offers Tipperary an opportunity to reflect on the type of leadership that they want in the new and unified county.

Gearóid Fitzgibbon, Tipperary Greens 2016 General Election candidate

Gearóid Fitzgibbon, Tipperary Greens 2016 General Election candidate

“Irish voters tend to select their representatives to their national parliament on the basis of personal favours. This neglects any considerations of where the country is going, and is what has made our politics such a failure over the last 15 years. Tipperary has come to embody this trend over the last few years, against the county’s own better tradition of leadership in Ireland – one only has to think of Tipperary’s central role in the national movement, the GAA, in the pioneering organisation in community development, Muintir na Tíre, and other areas. I am asking Tipperary to take up its attitude of leadership again, to look at where they want the state to go rather than what they can extract from the state.”

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan will formally launch Gearóid’s campaign at the Excel Centre in Tipperary at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th February. All are welcome. Speaking ahead of the launch, Mr Ryan, whose own forebears hail from the Glen of Aherlow, said that he was delighted that Tipperary was putting forward such a strong local candidate. “There is a space for a strong rural Green voice which can positively influence issues of planning and the rural economy. I think the electorate will be interested in Gearóid’s views on local energy and other matters

Further details of Tipperary Green campaign launch and policies are available on their facebook page and campaign blog Tipperary Greens are not funded from the public purse. Their crowdfunding campaign is available on  (see crowdfunding video below) or by calling 0838109522.

Listen to Gearóid’s talk at the Green Election Convention

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