Borrisoleigh Track Attack Notes – Antelopes Run Clear

One of the most striking aspects of the Track-Attack concept to date is undoubtedly the outstanding performances of the school going members.  Of the 201 members that have signed up to Track-Attack to date this year, 67 of them are of school going age.

Borrisoleigh Track Attack Notes - Antelopes Run Clear

Track-Attackers Deirdre Collins, Leo Collins, Caroline Kennedy and Rena Ryan

Their outstanding performances so far should not only be measured by their finishing times alone but also by the manner in which they apply themselves with every passing week. Each and every one of them when crossing the finish line do so with their tanks completely emptied on the course. The levels of determination, willingness to improve and succeed and their levels of commitment to the task in hand regardless of the weather is a joy to watch.

When you consider that many are new to the sport and it’s not their primary sporting activity, their achievements to date is all the more commendable. Their efforts over the winter months and beyond will be rewarded within their Track-Attack activities and within all their chosen sport and recreational activities as the summer months develop.

Borrisoleigh Track Attack Notes - Antelopes Run Clear

Track-Attackers Kim & Patrick Tynan

As with all sports, the fundamental aspect of it is the enjoyment of its participants and this is certainly evidenton Monday nights as the masses of people both young and old do so because it’s something that they want to do.

We are now after hitting the half way spot of the Track-Attack Safari Team Trek which is sponsored by Camsaw Distributers Ltd (main suppliers of OleoMac and Weibang lawnmowers). Tom Delaney’s Antelope team have run clear of the chasing pack but only just. With “Imogen” deciding to make running conditions as difficult as possible, the vast majority of participants dropped points on the night. For the Antelopes however, 2 of their members stood out from the crowd and assisted greatly in getting their team to the top of the table.

Gabrielle Hodgins again grabbed the headlines with yet another superb performance. Since the opening night, she has slashed 4 minutes and 17 seconds from her finishing time and her efforts in doing so deserve tremendous credit. With double points on offer, she chipped in with another maximum and now sits as the top points scorer in the entire league.

Gabrielle’s efforts were impressively backed up by those of Oran Bergin who produced his best performance of the Series despite the horrendous weather conditions. Taking advantage of the double points on offer, Oran clocked up a total of 86 and as a result of the duos impressive outings, their team now sits on the top rung with a 12 point lead over the previous leaders, the buffaloes.

Right throughout the competing teams, there is many outstanding performances from their members. For the Tigers team, their captain Tracy Devaney is their top scorer while Anne Maher is the leading score getter in the Lions team. Templederry’s Seb Marchand is the Cheetahs supreme scorer to date while Kate Bourke, Dan Ryan and James Ryan are the scorers in chief for the Leopards, Pumas and Warthogs teams respectfully.

James Gould is the Rhinos trump card at the half way spot, Rena Ryan is the leading Buffalo, Sean Young is the Bears top point scorer while Aoife O’Meara leads the scoring charts for the Hyenas. The front runner for the Zebras is Yvonne Hodgins with her son Lochlainn leading the way for the Meerkats.

Last week’s biggest movers, the Wildebeests have Grainne Moore as their leading point getter, the impressive Sean Hayes leads the Crocodiles attack, Philip Maher is the Impalas leading ace while the Jaguars captain Miriam Murphy has strung together some impressive performances to be their shining light.

Laura Kennedy has been the Bobcats most consistent performer to date with three PB’s in a row which in turn makes her one of the league’s leading scorers. Ruairi O’Connell has put together a string of excellent performances and is the Gazelles top performer to date.

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