Aglish Drama Group – Return to the Stage with The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley

After an amazing run of packed houses over four nights in January & February and due to phenomenal demand  Aglish Drama Group are set to take to the stage again on Friday 11th March & Saturday 12th March for two final performances of Jimmy Keary’s hilarious play “ The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley “. This year the drama group are extremely lucky to have the very talented Phil Quigley producing the play and she has certainly brought the best out of all the cast. The sound of laughter could be heard throughout the village every night the cast has taken to the stage.

Aglish Drama Group – Return to the Stage with The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley
The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley is a hilarious 3 act play set in the Foley’s kitchen and centres around Gabriel Foley played by Aglish man Noel Hogan.  Gabriel Foley is a middle-aged bachelor farmer, who lives with his elderly mother Aggie played by Annemarie King. He has been unlucky in love many times, much to his mother’s frustration. She thinks she’ll never get rid of him. Then he meets upmarket, Hazel Myers played by Claire Starr and joins the posh drama group in the nearby town in order to romance her. He is unaware that Chrissie McCabe played by Deirdre Darcy – a cheerful countrywoman, who comes in to help him and his mother – fancies him. By the time Chrissie makes her feelings known to Gabriel, he has already got Hazel’s attention. He and Chrissie decide to try going out together. He tries to let Hazel down gently, but Hazel is not a woman to give up easily. Thecast also includes Sylvia Conlon who plays Aggies Sister Lucy Lacey , Michael Torpey as Liam Gavigan, James Heenan as Julian Delamere  & Pat Fox as Clive Snell.

Seats are still available ( at time of going to press) for both nights , remember booking is essential on 0877168591, If you get the answering machine ,please leave a message – all bookings will be confirmed by a committee member .

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