Thurles actress plays lead in Lockdown – A satirical comedy about war and remembrance

Lockdown  is  a new satirical comedy from writer Gerard Humphreys. In the wake of the 1916 commemoration. Clodagh O’ Farrell, a senior captain from Army HQ recently returned from Lebanon, attempts to coordinate the military aspect of the celebration with leadership and clarity despite the objections and undermining forces of her greedy and corrupt government appointed colleagues.

Thurles actress plays lead in Lockdown - A satirical comedy about war and remembranceClodagh’s greatest opposition comes in the form of Stephanie, the Minister’s advisor, attempting to save face following the disastrous launch of the 1916 celebrations. Faced with this rival Clodagh must find a way to properly commemorate the military events of 1916 despite the protestations of political hacks that want to “take the harm out of 1916”.


Caught up in this tug of war is Harry, a PR consultant, who finds his loyalties divided between Clodagh and her desire to appropriately and respectfully conduct this remembrance, and Stephanie who threatens to sabotage his career if he goes against her.

With little or no support from her “colleagues” how will Clodagh manage to oppose the self-serving the forces she finds herself faced with and find a fitting way to salute the events of 1916?

 Thurles actress plays lead in Lockdown - A satirical comedy about war and remembrance

Having recently returned after five years of living and working in London, former Thurles native Amy O’Dwyer has set up a theatre company, Trees Rd. Productions. Their first venture was with a piece of new writing called Ballybán which was presented at the Collaborations Festival at Smock Alley last year. It was co-authored by Amy and fellow actress Kelly McCauley. The phenomenal audience feedback has given the girls the drive to develop their dark rural comedy further. Watch this space!



“O’Farrell is played by Amy O’Dwyer…she has an ability to sink into the role, becoming it in a way that makes her look different, even physically different….It is convincing. Not to mention promising, helped by the stark grey and black of Orla Reynold’s set.” – The Red Curtain Review

The Source Arts Centre Thurles

Friday 05 February, 8pm



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