1/7 We’re headed to the polls on Friday February 26th

With a General Election set to be announced within the next few days and February hotly tipped for the month that we will be heading to the polling stations, BoyleSports has opened up a market on the exact day of the election.

It’s odds on at 1/7 that we will be heading to the polls on Friday February 26th with its nearest rival in the betting being Friday 4th March at 6/1. Friday 19th February is priced at 8/1 with any other date on offer at 9/1. If punters think that February won’t be the month of the election, Thursday March 3rd is on offer at 12/1.

Currently it’s a Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil that is expected to make up the new government as suggested by the 6/4 odds, but it’s a Fine Gael/Labour government that has seen support and is now 2/1 from 7/2.

A Fine Gael minority is next in the betting at 7/2 with a Fine Gael majority priced at 12/1. Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil/Any other party is currently priced at 10/1.

Liam Glynn, BoyleSports’ spokesperson said: “With Dáil Éireann back from their Christmas holidays today it looks like it’s only a matter of days before Enda Kenny sets the date for an Irish General Election and Friday 26th February is the expected day judging by its odds of 1/7.”

He added “We have seen support for the next government to be made up of Fine Gael/Labour and as a result its price has been cut into 2/1 from 7/2 with a Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil government remaining favourite but eased slightly to 6/4 from 5/4 as a result of the gamble.”

Date of Irish General Election 2016

26th February 1/7

4th March 6/1

19th February 8/1

Any Other date 9/1

25th February 12/1

3rd March 12/1

18th February 28/1

Government After The Next General Election

Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil 6/4

Fine Gael/Labour 2/1

Fine Gael Minority 7/2

Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil/Any Other Party(s) 10/1

Fine Gael Majority 12/1

Fine Gael/Labour/Green 14/1

Fianna Fáil/Sinn Fein 18/1

Fine Gael/Sinn Fein 22/1

Fine Gael/Labour/Social Democrats/Any other parties 40/1

Fianna Fáil/Labour 50/1

Sinn Fein/Labour/Green 80/1

Fianna Fáil Minority 100/1

Fine Gael/Labour/Sinn Fein 100/1

Sinn Fein Majority 100/1

Fianna Fáil Majority 200/1

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