South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group need a PPN Representative

South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group are currently looking for 1 PPN rep for their planning group from South Tipperary.
In order to find interested people from organisations around the County the PPN first sets up a ‘Linkage Group’ to the board – of all organisations who are interested in the area of Suicide Prevention. Once we have a number of organisations as members of this linkage group we can then ask the linkage group to nominate a rep from their organisation to the South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group . *Only organisations registered to the linkage group by the deadline of 6pm Thursday 10th December can vote for a rep or nominate a rep for the seat.
The nominated/ elected rep then needs to gather the views from this linkage group and feedback to them so they represent more than just their own organisation’s views. More information on linkage groups and the election process is attached to this email.
If you are interested in suicide prevention in South Tipperary or your organisation is directly involved with Suicide Prevention, please take 2 minutes to complete this linkage group registration form: South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group PPN Linkage Group Form
If you have any further information requirements contact Tipperary PPN on 087 4567 111/ 052 7443407 or email

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