Pieta House calls on people to look out for each other after Christmas

Suicide and self-harm charity Pieta House has called on people to be mindful of each other as we make the sometimes difficult transition from Christmas into January and the New Year. This comes as the charity reports a massive increase in calls for its services in January every year.    
“Christmas is a very happy time for most when friends and families get together and people are in good form” said Cindy O’Connor, Chief Clinical Officer of Pieta House. “At this time of year people make that extra effort to be kinder to each other and we receive fewer calls for our services during this period. However, once January arrives and Christmas is over we see a dramatic increase in calls and people looking for support. This year, we’re asking people to continue to be mindful of one another and to reach out to those who may be struggling” she said.  
Pieta House has helped over 5,000 people this year in its nine locations across Ireland and close to 18,000 people since it first opened its doors in 2006. 
About Pieta House
Pieta House is a suicide and self-harm crisis centre founded in Lucan, Co. Dublin in 2006. With nine centres throughout Ireland, Pieta House provides a professional one-to-one therapeutic service for those who are experiencing suicidal ideation or engaging in self-harm. A doctor’s referral or a psychiatric report is not required and the service is completely free of charge. To date, Pieta House has supported more than 18,000 people, with over 5,000 people seeking help to date in 2015. 


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