Have your windows ready for Winter – Future proof your Home with Mirror and Glassworx

Convert single glazed windows to double glazed with Mirror and Glassworx.

Fogged up windows? Condensation on the glass? Rubbers to small ? Hinges and handles not closing correctly ?
These are all signs that you are Heating the street! as they say. When you turn your heating on it rises to the ceiling and a good insulated Attic which most people have will keep it down . The next ports of exit are the glass,the windows and the walls.

New windows would be the order of the day if the pockets are deep enough and enthusiasm for the redecoration afterwards. What you might not know is an upgrade of your existing windows is possible a lot cheaper and with little disturbance to your home. Early double-glazing was as simple as 2 panes of ordinary glass joined together. It was a small step up from single glazing but with modern advances in both glass manufacturing technology and with research into energy management, experts learnt that poor performing glazing is a major weak link in Building Energy Rating (BER).

The standard of glass has improved so much in the last ten years that A-Rated gas filled double glazing can retain 70% more heat then normal double glazing.The difference between single glazing and A-Rated double glazing is huge.The savings enourmous!!

Mirror and GlassworxTeak, Aluminium and PVC windows can all be upgraded to improve your home and make it more snug for the winter. The service on the windows includes replacing all the glass repairing all the rubber and checking and repairing any hinges and loose handles that may leave draughts. As the work is 90% external there is very little disturbance to your home. You could also change the appearance of your house by including georgian bar effect or if your old double glazing has georgian you could remove it and give your house a fresher look whilst upgrading to A_Rated glass.

On our doorstep we have Carey Glass ltd which produce an A-rated unit that has a U-Value of 1.0 which in double glazing is the best.Triple glazing can reach as low as 0.7 but most older windows would not take the weight or thickness of glass.

So if you have old teak single glazed windows or aluminium windows with shrunken rubber or if you just feel your rooms are not staying warm contact the glazier and talk over the improvements he could make and the windows you have. We at Mirror and Glassworx would be delighted to take your call and advise you the best we can. Tel: 061-333630 or email info@mgwx.ie for more information.

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