Tipperary Commits to European Sustainable Energy Movement

Tipperary County Council has recently become a signatory of The Covenant of Mayors. The Covenant of Mayors is a mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in their territories. There are currently six other signatories in Ireland – Cork County, Dublin, Kerry County Council, Roscommon County Council, South Dublin County and Waterford County Council.

Tipperary Commits to European Sustainable Energy Movement

Tipperary Mayor Seamus Hanafin (second from left), Paul Kenny, CEO, Tipperary Energy Agency (fifth from left) are pictured with representatives from Cork and Dublin County Councils at an event for European Mayors at the European Parliament in Brussles on Thursday October 15th.

Mayors from all over Europe, including Tipperary’s mayor Seamus Hanafin met at the European Parliament in Brussles on October 15th. Commenting at the ceremony in Brussles Mayor Seamus Hanafin said “Tipperary is at the forefront of sustainable energy. On behalf of the county council I’m making the commitment to continue this leadership to play our part in decreasing our use of fossil fuels”.


Paul Kenny, CEO Tipperary Energy Agency said “There is a huge opportunity for Tipperary to become an exporter of energy and energy services, creating wealth and a better future for our children. Tipperary signing the covenant of Mayors is another significant step on the journey.”


By becoming a signatory, Tipperary County Council have committed to implementing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the county, with the aim of cutting CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020.


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