The New Suzuki Baleno

  • New-generation platform, with increased rigidity and reduced weight, enhanced fuel efficiency, handling and stability, while still achieving high levels of safety and NVH performance.
  • New 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine with high torque output and SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki)*1 with 1.2 DUALJET engine both of which provide excellent fuel economy in conjunction with Suzuki’s most-aerodynamic hatchback design ever.
  • Interior features include advanced multi-information colour display, active cruise control with speed limiter, and a Smartphone Linkage Display Audio compatible with Apple CarPlay*2.
  • Seating for five people features generous shoulder room in front, and generous legroom in the rear.
  • Spacious and flexible boot offers best-in-class*3 luggage space.
  • Radar Brake Support (RBS) *2 and other comprehensive safety features add to safety and peace of mind.
  • With a sporty profile that is low and wide, futuristic front section, wraparound windows, expressive character lines and gently contoured, continuous surfaces convey elegance and power. 

*1Only for vehicles with 1.2. DUALJET engine. *2Availability depends on vehicle configuration. *3“B-segment hatchback” as defined by Suzuki (hatchback with overall length of 3,700mm-4,100mm) 

Flowing Lines

The “Liquid Flow” design theme is based on an energetic mass of liquid in motion—permeates throughout, articulated by curving lines and expressive surfaces.  


Seen from the front, the body graciously flares outward from the cabin, resulting in a low, wide and sporty profile that is complemented by a wide bumper, grille, distinctive LED positon lamps, and wraparound windows with blacked-out A-pillars.

From the side, character lines that begin at the front and sweep toward the rear create a flowing line, while it has a forward-sloping rear hatch and gently contoured, continuous surfaces.

Other exterior features:

  • High intensity discharge projector headlamps*,with a black and chrome design,  LED position lamps*, which also work as daytime running lights, with inner lenses that produce an even line of light.
  • “Guide me light” headlamps*help users find their way in the dark after leaving the vehicle or when unlocking the doors by remote control.
  • LED rear combination lamps have an inner lens that projects an even beam*.
  • Nine body colours include “Premium Silver Metallic”, which emphasises the body’s curving lines, and “Ray Blue Pearl Metallic”, which changes from a green hue to a red tinge, depending on surrounding lighting conditions.
  • Outer weather strips made of iridescent stainless steel and chrome door handles provide greater elegance*.
  • Wraparound windows with blacked-out A-pillars and black sashes.
  • A thin roof-spoiler integrated into the body lines help improve aerodynamic performance*.
  • 16-inch alloy wheels* or 15-inch steel wheels*


The instrument panel is flared at each end for a sense of breadth. Silver accents stand out against the restrained black of the cabin, and reddish-amber illumination for the audio, air conditioner, gear shift indicator, and other controls underline the cabin’s stylishness.

Other interior highlights are:

  • A large, high-definition colour LCD display in the instrument cluster shows performance and other information through user-friendly graphics. Highlighted features include driving G-force, engine output and torque, accelerator/brake operation, and energy flow (for vehicles with SHVS).*
  • A Smartphone Linkage Audio Display with a 7-inch touch panel screen has a USB port and SD card slot and displays the view behind the vehicle by way of a rear view camera*. It can be connected to an iPhone via a USB cable for using Apple CarPlay’s various functions, such as Maps, Phone, Messages, and Music, as well as Podcasts, Audiobooks, and third-party Apple CarPlay compatible audioapps. It can also be connected to smartphones using MirrorLink.
  • A unique circular display and a high-contrast LCD panel highlight the automatic air conditioner*.
  • An adaptive cruise control system uses millimetre wave radar to automatically accelerate or decelerate the vehicle to maintain a long, medium, or short distance from any vehicle directly in front as set by the driver. It also features a speed limiter that prevents the vehicle from exceeding the maximum speed set by the driver, regardless of the extent to which the accelerator pedal is pushed.

*Availability depends on vehicle configuration.

Technology-enhanced performance

The new Baleno features three new technologies for achieving better driving performance and better fuel efficiency:

A new-generation platform

New BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine

SHVS mild hybrid system.

New-generation platform

A new Suzuki platform was developed by radically reviewing the basic structure of the vehicle underbody in pursuit of achieving lighter weight and enhancing fundamental vehicle performance. Compared to the platform currently used in the same vehicle class, body rigidity has been enhanced by approximately 10 per cent and, due to the use of a continuous skeletal structure that creates a smooth form, total vehicle weight has been reduced by approximately 15 per cent.Additionally, by aiming for optimisation of the entire vehicle including components attached to the underbody, Suzuki has been able to keep vibration and noise in check, while maintaining riding comfort.

New 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine

The 1.0 BOOSTERJET is a newly developed direct-injection turbo engine that achieves both good fuel economy, which is made possible by using a small displacement, high torque turbocharger.

By controlling the wastegate valve, which closes to create higher boost pressure during heavy-load operation and remains opened during normal driving, the BOOSTERJET reduces pumping loss, thus achieving high levels of both power performance and also fuel-efficiency.

The Baleno features the 1.0 BOOSTERJET engine, which has a maximum output of 82kW and a maximum torque of 170Nm.

The Baleno is also available with a new 1.2 DUALJET, a dual-injection petrol engine with improved thermal efficiency that strikes an excellent balance between power performance and fuel efficiency.

Regarding transmissions, the 1.0 BOOSTERJET can be paired with either an optimally geared five-speed manual incorporating a specially designed convergent gear locating system that helps reduce frictional losses and improve shift feel or a six-speed automatic transmission that enables high performance at low speeds and optimum fuel-efficiency at high speeds. The 1.2 DUALJET can be paired with either the same five-speed manual transmission as the 1.0 BOOSTERJET or with a continuously variable transmission.

An intuitive suspension has been developed for direct-response handling with MacPherson struts and coil springs up front and a torsion beam and coil springs in the rear. Reduced rolling resistance tyres improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing directional stability, ride comfort, and braking performance.

New mild hybrid system (SHVS)*1

The SHVS is a mild hybrid system by Suzuki that uses an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) to assist the engine during acceleration and also generates electricity through regenerative braking, which it does more efficiently than systems using conventional alternators.

Using the electricity stored through regenerative braking, the electric motor function of the ISG improves fuel efficiency by partially assisting the engine, which it does by making up for the additional added portion of fuel, usually required during the high-fuel-consuming actions of starting from a stop and accelerating. It also allows for a smooth and quiet restart after an automatic engine stop, thanks to the use of an ISG belt-drive start, rather than restart by a conventional starter motor.

Furthermore, the SHVS uses a compact, high-charging-performance lithium ion battery, making possible frequent engine assists. In the Baleno, the system aims to lessen the footprint onthe environment with a CO2emissions target of 93g/km*2.

*1Only for vehicles with 1.2. DUALJET engine. *2Tentative figure for vehicles with SHVS.

Clever Design

The Baleno not only achieves spacious passenger comfort, but also best-in-class luggage space. A key element in achieving this within an overall body length of less than four metres is a new-generation platform that enables efficient use of space plus a more-compact engine design with a less-tilted mounting position that also frees up more interior room.

Seating considerations

The front seats come with ample shoulder room due a wide space between the driver and passenger seat positions. Both seats feature an optimised shape and spring position for ride comfort and high-tensile materials for lightness and strength.

The rear seats feature ample legroom, due to a substantial front-rear-seat tandem distance of 805mm. They can be easily folded by a single action and come in various bench or split configurations with three separate-type head restraints. Also, ingress and egress in the rear is facilitated by generous rear door apertures.

Luggage space

With a luggage space of 355 litres, makes the Baleno the largest among B-segment hatchbacks*. To accommodate long or wide items, the shape of the suspension has been optimised to free up space on both sides at the back of the boot. 

Flexibility is another key asset of the luggage space. The space can be enlarged by folding down the rear seatbacks, sliding the front seats forward, and using the luggage board in either its upper or lower position.

*According to a Suzuki survey of B-segment hatchbacks as defined by Suzuki (a hatchback model with an overall length of 3,700mm-4,100mm) and measured using the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method.

Safety and security

Safety performance for assisting the driver and mitigating injury in accidents is enhanced by a number of safety technologies, chief among which is Radar Brake Support*1(RBS).

With RBS, when the vehicle is travelling at a speed greater than approximately 5 km/h, millimetre wave radar detects any vehicle that might be directly in front. Upon detecting a potential collision, depending on the situation, the vehicle 1) alerts the driver, 2) increases braking force, or 3) automatically applies the brakes.

Other safety features include ESP®*2, six SRS airbags and an impact absorbent body. Various components have also been designed to lessen injuries sustained by pedestrians in vehicle-to-person collisions.

*1Availability depends on vehicle configuration. *2ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.

Key dimensions

Length: 3,995mm;
Width: 1,745mm;
Height: 1,470mm (1,460mm with SHVS);
Wheelbase: 2,520mm;
Minimum ground clearance: 120mm (110mm with SHVS);
Tread front/rear: 1,520mm with 185/55R16 tyres (1,530mm with 175/65R15 tyres

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