Sinn Féin Serious About Equality In Ireland

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Séamie Morris has praised Republicans from the Commons, who he said remained unbroken and unapologetic for their dedication to Irish unity and equality for the people of Ireland. He was speaking after a ceremonial unveiling of a monument to honour the memory of lifelong Tipperary Republican Tommy Kavanagh, in the graveyard in Ballingarry.

Councillor Morris said: “Tommy Kavanagh epitomised Tipperary Republicans. He dedicated his life to helping achieve Irish unity and a Republic of Equals as espoused in the 1916 proclamation. That proclamation is the founding Deeds of our Republic.”

 Sinn Féin Serious About Equality In Ireland“The Commons and Ballingarry are steeped in republican history, with the 1848 rising in The Commons mentioned by the leaders of the 1916 rising as one that inspired them.”

“In the last month Sinn Féin activists have visited over 15,000 homes with a leaflet explaining that Sinn Féin will deliver a fair recovery for the people of Tipperary. That recovery will end the two tier recovery as espoused and delivered by right-wing parties like Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour. Sinn Féin believe that Ireland should have a recovery based on equality, decent work for decent pay, access to first class public services, and affordable childcare. The abolition of water taxes are just part of making the tax system fair, as is addressing the housing crisis and advancing the All-Ireland economy for the benefit of all on the island.”

 Sinn Féin Serious About Equality In Ireland“Present and past Irish governments have trampled on the rights of the people of Tipperary. They delivered incredible riches for the elite, who now gorge on the spoils of the Austerity programme, while ordinary working families here have become the working poor.”

“Tipperary is facing a family homelessness crisis, floods of wind-turbines for millionaire speculators, and a raid on its most precious asset, Lough Derg. That lake is being lined up to be privatised for vulture capitalists to plunder, while our sick are on hospital trolleys in record numbers in so-called ‘Centres of Excellence’.”

“The weekend success by Jeremy Corbyn in the British Labour party has opened peoples eyes to the idea of real change. When added to the success of the Scottish Nationalist Party, it blows away the narrative of the right wing media who claim that there is no alternative.“

“Fine Gael and Labour’s attempts last week to use the SDLP to collapse the administration in the 6 counties shows that our Government are not interested in democracy, only scoring political points against Sinn Féin at all costs.”

“Sinn Féin have shown true courage by defending the institutions in Stormont. Sinn Féin is delivering equality for Nationalists against right-wing loyalist parties who cannot handle strong Nationalist politicians. Sinn Féin are the only champions of equality in Ireland, and that is what we will deliver. It is no less than the memory of Tommy Kavanagh deserves.”

2015-09-11: Comfortable walking-shoes essential: Cllr Séamie Morris, Catherine Slattery of Ballywilliam, Shannon Slattery of Nenagh, and George Mahoney of Portroe, on the campaign trail.

2015-09-13: The commemorative headstone unveiled to remember and honour Tommy Kavanagh.

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