Next Budget Should Be About A Fair Recovery

Councillor Séamie Morris of Sinn Féin has echoed the recent words of Pearse Doherty TD and has said that the upcoming budget should be about a Fair Recovery, and not about winning the election at a cost of greater economic inequality.

Cllr Morris was speaking while canvassing in Carrick-on-Suir and after learning extra funds might be available to the exchequer based on latest tax return figures. He called on the government to end their electioneering and to start dealing in budgetary facts.

Councillor Morris said: “This next budget is one which should be about laying the groundwork for a Fair Recovery. That’s what Sinn Féin’s fully costed alternative aims for. I am increasingly concerned that, for this Government, the focus is on doing whatever it thinks will help their election prospects, and not on delivering fairness”.

The size of the fiscal opportunity available to the government is much less important than what they do with it. The government’s focus is on tax cuts rather than boosting the national economy through long-awaited public spending. We have seen that the demands of the health service are still enormous. Yet across the board the Fiscal Council has warned that the Government’s spending projections are inadequate to even stand still”.

Through my colleague Pearse Doherty TD, Sinn Féin is providing an alternative which will be based on a our key aim – that of building a Fair Recovery which is sustainable and widespread”.

Here in Carrick-on-Suir it’s obvious that there is no fair sharing of any recovery. This beautiful and historic town hasn’t seen the recovery that Kenny and Burton promised the people of Ireland. This town needs sustained investment in infrastructure, education, and training, to reverse the effects of long periods of neglect”.

Sinn Féin are ready for a debate on the spending choices before the Government, and would like the them to layout the fiscal parameters within which they are working. That way the public can see whether a Government so unfair in recession has even the slightest intention of being fair in recovery.”

Sinn Féin’s alternative is for a Fair Recovery in a Fair Republic”.


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