National Parents Week 2015 14th-20th September

Today, Parentline and ISPCC are joining together to launch National Parents Week 2015 (14th20th September) and are urging parents not to be afraid to ask for help with parenting.

While being a parent is an incredibly rewarding experience, Parentline and ISPCC know how challenging and at times, stressful parenting can be. Over the years both organisations have built up vast knowledge and expertise in supporting parents, children and families.

Parentline is a national helpline for parents and can be accessed by calling 1890 927 277. They offer information, support and guidance on all aspects of being a parent.  Parentline is somewhere for a parent to get time and space to discuss a parenting issue (big or small) without judgement, to hear another point of view and to offload stress. Parents can phone Parentline with all sorts of parenting problems – from the run of the mill troubles like teething and truculent teenagers to distressing sex abuse cases and domestic violence.  The helpline is normally open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. but during National Parents Week it will be open 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday 14th – Sunday 20th September.

Rita O’Reilly, CEO Parentline said: “In recognition of the rewarding yet often difficult job that parents do Parentline launched National Parents Week in 2005. We want to make parents aware that Parentline is there for them.  By unburdening themselves to a supportive, non-judgemental and listening ear parents can off load stress and gain information and support to make their parenting job easier and their family life better. We want parents to understand that it is ‘ok’ to ask for help.  Babies, toddlers, teenagers – children of all ages offer challenges. No parent can know how to deal with every situation. Talk to Parentline – we can help. “

The purpose of the ISPCC is to build stronger, healthier families, who can cope with challenges, solve problems and raise happy, resilient children. It provides a range of child centred services within a model of family support including Parent Mentoring and Child/Teen Mentoring. In 2014, the ISPCC received over 400 calls to our support line, many of which were in relation to parenting. This week we are offering a free text support line for parents Monday to Friday 09:0017:00, text ‘parent’ to 50101.

Grainia Long, ISPCC Chief Executive, today said; “The ISPCC works with children and parents every day and we are all too aware that in order to support children and ensure the best outcomes for them, you must support parents too. For this reason we decided to join together with Parentline for National Parents Week 2015 in the hope that we can offer some level of support to help parents cope better with the challenges of parenting and to become the best parent they can be.”

Gordon Jeyes, Chief Executive of TUSLA “TUSLA are delighted that Parentline and ISPCC have joined together to celebrate National Parents Week.   Effective parenting support can help family well-being and reduce problems that might happen later on. TUSLA recognise that parenting is a complex 24 7 job and that many families will need different levels of support at different times in the life course of their family. We encourage parents to ask for help when they need it. Parents can use Tuslas’ Parenting24Seven, Parentline and the ISPCC for information and support”.

During ‘National Parents Week 2015 Parentline and the ISPCC are encouraging parents to ask for help and will publish an advice leaflet each day (on our Facebook pages and websites)  aimed at parents/carers covering a range of topics including acknowledging parent’s own needs, meeting their children’s needs, child safety and separated parents.


ISPCC Text Support is available from Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September 09:00-17:00. Text ‘parent’ to 50101.

Download support leaflets at

Parentline 1890 927 277


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