Latest Irish Water farce must force Kelly resignation – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly now has no other reasonable option but to resign following the latest major embarrassment in relation to Irish Water. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) ordered Irish Water to restore performance related bonuses that the Minister had previously said could not be implemented:

“Either Minister Kelly thought he had control over the bonus culture initially in place for Irish Water, or he kicked the responsibility for its decision to the LRC knowing it would reinstate them at some point.

Either scenario confirms the view that this government and in particular this Minister have lost control of the quango.

It throws into complete dissaray all other commitments that have been given about Irish Water.

Who now can have any faith in the promise not to privatise given that this LRC ruling is clear confirmation that the government cannot reign in this wild animal.

It is one fiasco and embarrassment after another for this Minister who must now resign,” concluded Deputy Mattie McGrath.

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