A Vote For Labour’s Kelly Is A Vote For His Fine Gael Masters

Councillor Séamie Morris of Sinn Féin has strongly criticised the Labour Party for entering into a voting pact with Fine Gael ahead of the general election.

But he said he was not surprised by the arrangement, because the pact mirrors the behaviour of the Labour Party in government as they gave in to each of Fine Gael’s regressive, right-wing economic policies.

Cllr Morris said: “The voting pact means that a vote for Labour isn’t a vote for a left-wing alternative. Instead it’s actually a vote for the implementation of Fine Gael policies of cut-backs and Austerity. It is a vote in favour of the continued persecution of ordinary people.”

“Up and down the country Labour Party TDs have been propping up their Fine Gael masters. But here in Tipperary, Minister Kelly has stood-over every action of this government with particular glee. His handling of the Uisce Éireann controversy has shown that he doesn’t have the well-being of ordinary citizens in mind.”

“There’s little worse than propping up a Government which has been viciously attacking the welfare of ordinary people. They cut child benefit over, and over. They cut the lone parents allowance, and they cut the respite care grant, and they put a tax on water. The housing waiting list has ballooned to 100,000, and they’re ignoring sick people on trolleys for the want of a hospital bed. They broke every promise they made when looking for votes.”

“Voting for Labour is saying that it is OK to implement policies that leave struggling parents to decide whether they will pay their ESB or pay their back to school costs.”

“The Labour Party is no longer a party in its own right. This has been evident for some time from their approach to government, and their general election candidates are making a very clear statement with this voting pact. They are saying that the party now stands for protecting the wealthy, dismantling our welfare state and ensuring that ordinary people carry the costs of the elitists in our society.”

“The Labour Party now just an off-shoot of Fine Gael, and voting for one is the same as voting for the other, but neither has the best intentions of the electorate in mind. Labour have been reduced to a canvass team for Fine Gael, to re-elect Enda Kenny as Taoiseach, so that they can increase the water taxes further.”

“The latest OECD report on Ireland calls for the state to increase water charges and to reduce welfare supports even further. Be absolutely certain that this is exactly what a Fine Gael led government will set about doing if it is returned to power.”

“There is a clear choice available to Tipperary voters, and that choice is Sinn Féin and Séamie Morris.”

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