A Message to Dog Lovers for National Microchipping Month

For many years I worked at the coal face of animal rescue; taking dogs from the pound when their owners couldn’t be traced and euthanasia was to be their fate.

I recall hundreds of beautiful pets; but not a single microchip led reunification.

Thankfully the animal welfare landscape has improved since then. Destruction numbers are considerably lower and microchipping is now part and parcel of responsible pet ownership. However there are hundreds of thousands of dogs still un-chipped and as many as 200,000 dogs  with an incorrectly registered microchip. Were any one of those pets to stray or even be stolen a reunification would prove impossible.

 A Message to Dog Lovers for National Microchipping Month

Sharon Ní Bheoláin, National Microchipping Month

September is National Chipping Month: for those who haven’t microchipped their dog they can avail of thousands of free and reduced price microchip offers.

If your pet is already chipped; check your details are accurate and up to date free of charge.

Remember your pet would be lost without it. Log on to www.ncm.ie, or follow on Facebook and Twitter.”


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