200% Increase In Tyre Disposal Cost

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly to place a stay on the implementation of a proposal which will see the cost of tyre disposal increase by in excess of 200%. Deputy McGrath was speaking ahead of an expected legal challenge to the proposal which is being brought forward by the Independent Tyre Wholesalers & Retailers Association and which is being supported by several Tipperary Tyre retailers:

“As things currently stand, the average cost of disposing of a tyre is €1, which is not passed on to customers.

Under this new proposal however that charge will increase to €3 for a car tyre, €15 for a truck tyre and €20 for a tyre used in agricultural vehicles.

This amounts to a three-fold increase of the cost associated with disposing of tyre waste.

I also understand that this massive increase in costs is to be fixed for a limited period of just two years, after which the European average will then set the charge.

From the information that has been provided to me, it is estimated that under the new scheme, it will cost an additional €200 to replace a set of truck tyres.

Under the proposed Scheme a new monopoly will be brought into existence, namely the appointment of Repak and WEEE Ireland as the monopoly collectors and recyclers for the entire industry.

There is genuine concern that the rapid escalation of costs will both wipe out the ability of many tyre retailers to function and also have an adverse impact on an already beleaguered haulage industry which will see the inevitable increase in costs pushed on to the consumer,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


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